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Abenteuer Highlands - Mein etwas anderes Leben im schottischen Hochland - Nellie Merthe Erkenbach

Reading this has been so much fun so in case you do speak German - go and get Erkenbach's "Abenteuer Highlands".

The author, a famous and well travelled tv journalist, ends up in the remote Scottish Highlands with a man she rarely knows.

All these little everyday adverntures she has to "survive" out there in the beautiful wilderness of Europe's far North, her thoughts filled with humour and wisdom.

And yes, she falls in love with the guy and they get together but the adventures seem to be as amuseing as they are neverending. 
Her stories vary considerably, from historical murders to funny neighbours, extraordinary customs and hilarious mishaps like the lost pants on the bike - I will not give too much away. Just read it and be happy.

Five stars from me MS Erkenbach!